Monument Dreams Journeys:Myanmar/Burma(9781909612136)

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Monument Dreams Journeys:Myanmar/Burma(9781909612136)

Monument Dreams Journeys:Myanmar/Burma(9781909612136)

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  • Type of Book: Travel
  • Number of Page : 168
  • Publisher : John Beaufoy Publishing
  • Language : English
  • ISBN : 9781909612136


In the spring of 2012, Myanmar finally glanced the first rays of a democracy that may well prove to be permanent after the dark military regime for half a decade. Christine Nilsson has travelled extensively throughout the country to record the jubilant, newly accessible country, as much for its residents as for its visitors.She wrote the book with her own reactions to the country rather than a comprehensive guidebook.The first part of the book includes the description of the different parts of the country and an account of the influence of Aunn San Su Kyi on the opening of the country.The second part is full of useful information for the travellers.

Author Information

Christine Nilsson is an author and photographer who loves travelling. Her photographs are her personal interpretation of the country and seek to portray the whole experience from intimate close-ups of the people to stunning landscapes.

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